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Credit Finance

Business Credit Decision Service

Build Your Business Credit and Get The Right Credit Decision
Not sure where to begin in building or repairing your business credit? The knowledgeable experts at can advise you on the different factors that affect credit and help you determine what you need to do.

Why The Business Credit Service Is Important?

  • Building your business credit will improve your business in many ways.
  • You will: Save time and money for your business.
  • Meet any current lending needs.
  • Prepare for any future lending needs.
  • Have cash in your business when it's needed.
  • Be able to extend your cash flow.
  • Lower your interest rates.
  • Build credibility for your business.

Your Company Business Credit Report
When you apply for most Financial Services, your Company's Business Report is a vital part of the Credit Decision Process, used by:.
Invoice Finance Companies
Commercial Banks
Credit Information & Insurance Companies and Service Providers

With Credit Decision Service, you can make sure your Business Credit Report is correct and creditworthy.

Advantages of Having a Business Credit Profile
Just by building a business credit profile, you will be able to limit the use of your personal guarantee and build business credit regardless of your personal credit history.
You will have: More cash for the business.
Convenience in purchasing.
Protection of your personal assets from any business losses.
Limited personal liability from the business.
No need for personal credit checks.
The ability to purchase vehicles with no personal guarantees.
The ability to purchase equipment, computers and more with your business credit.
Begun to prepare your business for future lending needs.

Separating You From Your Business
You can separate your personal liability and protect your personal assets from that of the business just by incorporating. It is possible to build a business credit profile for a sole proprietorship or partnership; however, you are still personally responsible for all the debts of the company.

We recommend building your business credit as a Limited or limited liability company.
Other advantages of a corporation are:
Separation of you from your business
Limited liability of the owners and officers
Lower tax liability
100% tax-deductible insurance
100% medical expense reimbursement
Corporate image
Ability to raise capital and build credit faster
Lowered audit risk as a small corporation
Protection of your personal assets

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