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Any company that requires specialized business equipment can take advantage of leasing to acquire: Computer systems, Copiers, Vehicles, Medical Devices, Power equipment, Manufacturing equipment, Agricultural equipment, And most other equipment imaginable.

You can even lease back your existing equipment to obtain immediate cash.

Reasons for leasing
Conserves capital Conserves credit rating Off balance sheet accounting Fast tax write off Eliminates obsolescence Can cost less than bank financing Payment amount is flexible You choose your vendor and equipment Promotes company growth Pay as you use instead of up front

Leasing conserves capital
Because you don’t commit your capital to purchase equipment, it is available for other important business expenses. You have money to increase inventory, expand sales, or hire needed personnel. The average return on working capital in business is 18% after taxes. Leasing gives you more working capital to support business transactions.

Leasing conserves credit
A lease is not a bank loan. Borrowing directly from a bank to purchase equipment reduces available credit. In its own way, leasing is a new source of credit, but doesn’t impact credit worthiness.

Off balance sheet accounting
Because leased equipment is not recorded as an asset, it also is not maintained as a liability. The leasing company pays the property taxes and tracks the depreciation. This further preserves credit for other purposes.

Fast tax write-off
A true lease can be written off 100% as an operational expense. Each rental payment is completely deductible. If the equipment had been purchased under a conditional sale or installment basis, only the interest and depreciation allowed each year by the Tax Office could be deducted.

Working with Us
Worldwide Company Corporate Finance Brokers work with leasing companies specializing in the non-banking market & banking market. If traditional leasing arrangements aren’t working for you, Worldwide Company Corporate Finance Brokers may be able to find a funding source that will. Depending on your situation, the rates charged for the lease may be somewhat higher than you expected. Remember, however, if you have a good business plan and the equipment is standing between you and a profit, a slightly higher payment may not be significant enough to impact your bottom line. Furthermore, the leasing charges still may offset other expenses you would have with a purchase.

Funding decisions are made quickly, and once approved, funding is usually provided within two business days. 


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