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As the business environment continues to develop at a rapid pace the information and communication technology requirements of many organisations are changing significantly, even unpredictably.

Competitive pressures necessitate the use of the very latest technologies to achieve commercial goals and for this reason IT frequently proves to be the most dynamic area of investment. Unfortunately, the ability to make such acquisitions can sometimes be restricted by inadequate budgets, cash flow pressures or accounting policies.

Worldwide Company Corporate Finance Brokers provides organisations with the freedom to upgrade or alter an existing system to cater for changes that are difficult to predict.

Future risks can be eliminated from the decision making process as our financial arrangements incorporate technology refresh that meets changes in business needs:

  • Exchange Rental enables organisations to improve cost performance ratios by upgrading or exchanging old product and services for new. Most finance agreements require the whole system to be replaced to effect an upgrade and normally include a penalty for early settlement. With Worldwide Company Corporate Finance Brokers, predetermined amounts of the system can be upgraded with no increase in the level of scheduled payment and without financial penalty.

  • Worldwide Company Corporate Finance Brokers Add-on agreement is simple but highly effective and is designed to cater for lower cost acquisitions early in the life of the original master lease agreement. An add-on schedule consisting of new product and services is executed which co-terminates with the master lease and a revised periodic payment is calculated accordingly.


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