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Leasing is recognised as one of the most economic, flexible and tax efficient ways for funding IT. A lease is a form of rental and provides the customer (lessee) with specific use of products over a pre-agreed period of time. Leasing has the practical advantage of transferring the risks of ownership to the finance company (the lessor) whilst providing the lessee with the productive rewards of usage.

There are essentially two types of lease agreements, recognised by their distinctive accounting and tax treatments: finance leases and operating leases. Finance lease rentals fully reflect the cost of the asset whilst operating leases take into consideration the likely resale value of the asset when calculating the pre-tax rentals.

Key benefits of leasing include:

  • Upgrade and exchange rental programmes to help organisations improve cost performance by introducing new technology.
  • On or off balance sheet financing - you may have a preference regarding the balance sheet presentation of the system costs. WCI addresses the guidelines and regulations, which determine tax treatment.
  • A single financing scheme which covers all aspects a system proposal. You define your own lease agreement by choosing the elements you want included; software, implementation services, facilities management, outsourcing, support, hardware and much more.
  • 100% tax allowable payments and greater flexibility over the depreciation period.
  • Flexible payment profiles structured to meet cash flow requirements, income streams and roll out schedules.


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