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Unlike the majority of finance companies, Our Lenders makes no distinction between the leasing of software and related hardware. We are able to finance software licenses and, if required, services up to 100% of the total invoice value on any single transaction.

We respect that software is licensed product and ownership is always vested in the author. Our documentation includes sub-licensing agreements which, do not infringe on product patents, intellectual property or copyrights. This enables us to claim ‘Writing Down Allowances’ and therefore, offer system users tax based lease agreements on software acquisitions.

Suppliers and customers alike can enter into any transaction on agreeable terms and with complete peace of mind.

Software Leasing through our Lenders provides customers with the same benefits associated with traditional leasing including:

  • Repayments are tax deductible – customer’s future tax liability is reduced; 100% of rentals are tax allowable compared with normal Writing Down Allowances permitted on purchase.
  • Supports all parts of your solution – customers may either lease individual component parts such as software licenses or the total solution.
  • Exchange and upgrade flexibility – helping customers take advantage of technology advances quickly and more cost effectively, whilst avoiding obsolescence. The cost of new product and/or services can be added to the original lease agreement and either amortised over the remaining term or the lease period can be extended to keep repayments unchanged.
  • Multiple vendor flexibility – our contracts provide a comprehensive leasing solution independent of software vendor or third party service provider.
  • No additional security required – customers can structure leases for software and services without the normal requests for charges on assets, property or debtor book which are associated with traditional bank loans. Existing lines of credit can be retained for financing other areas of a customers business operation.
  • Improved cost efficiency & flexible payment options – customers simply pay for the software licenses and, if applicable, associated products and services as they use them, and derive real benefits. Payment profiles can be tailored to match project roll out schedules i.e. an initial payment holiday followed by escalating payments over a pre-agreed period of time.


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