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Trade Finance

Trade finance is the ability to provide financing for a transaction that spans from supplier to client and then from client to final customers. It is often referred to as "off-balance-sheet" finance and as such it does not impact on a client’s existing bank facilities. 

Worldwide Company Corporate Finance Brokers offers flexibility and expertise in looking beyond established parameters when considering a financing proposition. Our financing criteria are based on an order from a credit insurable end customer. Our Lenders will finance transactions from as small as 25,000 up to 1,000,000, with each case being considered on its own merits. Flexibility and the ability to look outside the box are the key factors in our organisation.

Worldwide Company Corporate Finance Brokers offer a full range of financing products including:

Invoice Finance – To fund either a single or multiple invoices. We finance clients with UK debtors only as well as clients that export and may have a worldwide debtor book. Click on link for detailed product description.

Combined Purchase Finance – To purchase finished goods against confirmed orders from credit insurable end customers, either in the UK or abroad often utilising Letters of Credit. Click on link for detailed product description.

Purchase Finance Only – To finance the purchase of goods to credit worthy clients on an open account basis even where a factoring agreement is already in place with another lender. Click on link for detailed product description.


We provides clients with the ability to ensure improved cash flow where we advance up to 85% of your sales invoice value against credit insured customers, on single or multiple invoices.

Utilising invoicing financing you can release up to 85% of your invoice value immediately and let Worldwide Company Corporate Finance Brokers’s team of account managers work to ensure prompt collection.

The remaining 15% of invoice, less charges are paid on receipt of cleared funds from the end customer.

Invoice financing can offer greater flexibility than factoring, which typically involves the financing of a complete ledger. The major differences are:

Invoice Financing


Requires the entire sales ledger to be financed



May complicate pre-exisitng financial arrangements



Charges annual fees



May demand a minimum turnover to be achieved



May apply debtor concentration thereby reducing
% credit availability




Worldwide Company Corporate Finance Brokers provides a purchase finance facility for goods purchased from abroad or from the UK either by Letters of Credit or through documentary collections.

Companies that have confirmed orders from credit worthy end customers can utilise the facility in conjunction with Worldwide Company Corporate Finance Brokers invoice finance product.

As part of Worldwide Company Corporate Finance Brokers’s comprehensive solution we are also able to manage the full supply chain, through sourcing, quality control, shipping, insurance, customs clearance and delivery. Additionally, where profit margins are adequate we can also fund VAT, duty, freight and marine insurance.

Our Purchase Finance product can assist clients to achieve the following:


No outlay of any money to purchase goods or to pay VAT, duty, freight or marine insurance


Protection against foreign exchange risk


Elimination of bad debt and pre-shipment risks


Similar benefits to the Invoice Financing product


Worldwide Company Corporate Finance Brokers can offer clients, who have a strong balance sheet and are credit worthy, a purchase finance facility to enable purchases from suppliers.

Once we have been able to establish a credit limit on the client company we are able to open Letters of Credit in favour of your suppliers to agreed terms and effectively provide you with open credit terms. This a cost effective method of funding special opportunities at times when a clearing bank may perhaps be reluctant to extend overdraft or loan facilities.


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