Credit Finance



Trade Credit Finance - The largest source of short-term finance.

You need to make purchases on a regular basis from a supplier or various suppliers. However these purchases are creating a heavy short-term burden on your cashflow.

Without good cash flow, you can have difficulty financing day-today operations such as paying employee salaries and purchasing the inventory necessary to generate sales. Poor cash flow can make it especially difficult to invest in purchases needed to propel your company's future growth. While understanding the concept of cash flow and the strategies for improving it, is easy. Putting that understanding into action can be more challenging.

Cash flow simply refers to the movement of cash into and out of your business. Typically, money comes into your business in the form of cash received from customers at the time of sale, cash received upon collecting accounts receivable, and income from other activities, such as the collection of sales commissions. Cash flows out of your business to fund everything you purchase to run your business: inventory, raw materials, payroll, expenses, rent, utilities, interest on loans, equipment lease payments, etc.

With Trade Credit - your cash flow problems are solved. The suppliers or suppliers supply goods or services to your company on Credit Terms or up to 360 Days on a Standby Letter of Credit. The suppliers are happy because they have a stronger balance sheet. You are happy because you have made sales that would not be possible without trade credit finance and, we're happy because we were able to participate in the opportunity and profit as well. In short everybody wins.