the Investment Criteria

Transaction Size - 2 million to 500,000,000 +
Lender's Investment - 3 million to 500,000,000 +
Type - Working Capital, Development Capital, Start-up Funding, Management buy-outs and buy-ins, institutional and secondary buyouts, and funding for acquisitions
Sectors - Agriculture & food, Fisheries, forestry, beverages, Extraction industries, Ores, minerals, crude oil, natural gas, Utilities, waste management, Electricity, water, gas, environment, Manufacturing, Machinery, automotive, metallurgy, Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, Acids, gases, cosmetics, rubber, Building & civil engineering, Contractors, equipment, supplies, Information technology (IT), Hardware, software, services, Wholesale & distribution, Import-export, e-commerce, retail, Transport & storage, Shipping, warehousing, packaging, Business services, Marketing, financial, insurance, legal, Technical services, R&D, training, Engineering, testing, analysis, Telecommunications, news, media, Telephony, broadcasting, publishing, Leisure, entertainment, hospitality, Hotels, conference centres, catering, sports and more...
Investors - Our panel of Lenders are looking for companies with some or all of the following characteristics: first-class management, strong market position or brand, barriers to entry, sector consolidation opportunities, buy and build strategies, and legislation-driven products or services.

The Process
The investment process is structured to provide a fast response to investment opportunities.

With a highly skilled group of investment professionals with diverse complementary backgrounds and a wealth of experience across a broad range of sectors. From this resource we build a team specific to the unique requirements of each transaction.

Our Investors give a fast initial response to opportunities and will meet quickly with management teams and advisers. Decision makers are fully involved at all stages in the transaction, from the initial meeting until completion. This means our Lenders' commitment can be made at an early stage which increases the certainty of the transaction going ahead.

Once our Investors have invested in a company, they continue to support it actively by taking a non-executive position on the board. In this key role they will work closely with that board to add value to the business and help maximise its potential.

The Approach

Our Investors know how important a supportive investor is, in what can be a highly complex, time-consuming negotiation process. They believe that an MBO is a partnership between management and their investors and this is fundamental to the way that they operate before, during and after they invest in a company.

You would expect a private equity house to be professional, experienced and commercially astute. But how many count honesty, openness, approachability and pragmatism amongst their key brand values? These values determine who our Investors are and we believe that these strengths set our Investors apart from the rest.