Export Finance

Our Export Finance service is all about helping you to improve the efficiency of your export business, while reducing the risks. We can lower the cash flow pressure almost from day one, help you to cut-out complicated administration and improve credit checking and credit controls.

Through our international Factoring service you get up to 90% of your invoice value paid as soon as you raise it, easing cash flow worries. The balance (less our fee) is paid on settlement of your customer. With Bad Debt Protection you can get the reassurance you need to confidently grow your exporting business, and we can help you to safely move away from Letters of Credit to standard account terms, simplifying exporting for you and your customers.

What is it Export Finance?

Trading overseas could easily be the next big step for your business. But different languages, currencies, legalities and cultures don't necessarily make for fun finance. And you don't need us to tell you that collecting outstanding monies this side of the pond is hard enough work already.

Through our and links with a wide range of Lenders, we can provide Export Factoring services and related expertise for businesses that trade abroad. Just think of us as a global player with local knowledge of your export markets.

What's in it for me then?
Easing up your cash flow problems. Allowing you more accurate financial forecasts. Overcoming language and multi-lingual system needs. Dispensing with time-zone discrepancies. Can be conducted on a more secure basis with the factor taking the credit risk for debtors defaulting on payment.

You can benefit from our export finance expertise if:
You're already enjoying Invoice Discounting or Factoring services. This could be a logical step. But anyone who trades overseas and effects trade debt can benefit from our expertise.