Post-Shipment Finance

Post-Shipment Finance is that is advanced against expected customer payments, to secure your obligations to suppliers.

Exporters of raw materials or finished goods can find themselves short of working capital if funding a large contract from their own resources. Post-shipment finance allows you access to the capital you need immediately on shipment of your goods. Instead of waiting around for payment from your customer you have the finance in place to fund further operations. Post-shipment finance is available to producers of raw materials or manufactured goods.

The key benefits

You will be able to grow your business and take on larger contracts knowing that you will have the finance in place to meet the associated costs.
As sales grow you can negotiate additional matching finance.
Improved cash flow may allow you to win further sales by offering more generous credit terms.

Features and benefits

Provided the quality of the end-buyer and their bank is acceptable to us we can make cash available immediately goods are shipped.
Turn sales into usable capital faster.
In certain circumstances we can structure these transactions off balance sheet.