Qualifying Criteria:


  1. Been operating the business for a minimum of 12 months

  2. Have at least 12 months PDQ statements

  3. Be processing a minimum of 20 transactions a month

  4. Must not be heavily seasonal

  5. Averaging a minimum of 3,500 per month on card sales.

  6. Must be of good standing with the terminal provider – reference taken

  7. If a tenant must have at least 12 months left on the lease and be up to date with the rent – reference taken

  8. Between 3,500 - 250,000 available for your business



  • No need to change PDQ provider.

  • Credit decision made by Lender, quick turnaround.

  • Repayments fluctuate with sales through PDQ terminal

  • Cash sales not taken into account therefore undisturbed

  • Can be used to finance things banks wouldn’t touch

  • Could be used as a deposit for larger items taken on credit

  • Renewable after 5 months on good performance





PDQ  Example: - 1
Restaurant taking 15,000 per month through the PDQ machine wants to upgrade the kitchen

Lender Advance 11,500
Term 6 Months
Repayment 16.5% of Card Sales
Total Repayment 15,000


PDQ  Example: - 2
MOT/Repair garage taking 20,000 per month through PDQ machine needs a new tyre replacement machine costing 10,000 he knew payback would be 4-6 months so didn’t want to do a standard asset finance deal.

Lender Advance 10,000
Term 6 Months
Repayment 11% of Card Sales
Total Repayment 13,000